Freitag, 30. Dezember 2011

Oil and water exposition

Lowbrow art, motorcycle evangelists and the prayer of endless summer in one location. The customizing and painting, the way how you live and what do you expect of your life is knocking not on heaven's but the door of arts & design. It seems for me that it enters a next level and seperates only to build nice bikes from making art.

Traditionally oil and water do not mix. The surf, hot rod and motorcycle cultures that grew out of Southern California from the 50's-70s however, were all connected by the idea of personal freedom and expression-not conforming to the standards of the societies they existed in. For this show we are bringing together dozens of artists and craftsmen from these respective backgrounds and beyond-from legends to rookies. Each artists will be provided with a particular canvas: a blank board from City Fog Surfboards, helmets from Biltwell, gas tanks from Lowbrow Customs among other items.

To kick off the event a run was organized for the day that ended at the gallery on Fairfax. On hand there was a live performance by ex-TSOL singer Joe Woods, as well as live installation.

To coincide with the show, Us Versus Them creatated a pop up shop that will occupy the back room at Known Gallery. In addition to UVT Fall product and accessories, exclusive artist prints and tees based around some of the pieces included in the show will be for sale.

Filmed & Edited by Zane Meyer

Music by

The Black Angels- Young Men Dead
The Black Lips- Hippie Hippie Hourtah

Montag, 26. Dezember 2011

Oiltank Model Old Barrel

Öltank Old Barrel für Harley-Davidson

This is the Burrito Bros. Product No. 1, an oiltank for any classic Harley-Davidson custom project. The tank is full hand made in Germany and ready for your own paint design or you use the tank in raw steel look. With 2 inserts above and 1 out below, all in cooper for 8 mm. More infos at our online catalog here.

Samstag, 24. Dezember 2011

Mary Christmas

I wish all my friends a merry christmas! Thanks lot for your support.

Montag, 19. Dezember 2011

10 needs for custombikes

My personal list of 10 needs for modern custombikes in 2012...

1. Smaller engines are sexy.
2. Thin tyres, more bicycle than steamroller
3. Rigid frame or
4. intelligent struts solutions
5. Rectangular tanks
6. Narrow handlebars, up or downwards
7. Solo seats thinly padded and colorful
8. Brass parts are still cool
9. Belt drive
10. Back to color

Sonntag, 18. Dezember 2011

Modern Old Bike Building

Photo via se-5

SE-5 from Japan shot this wonderful, awesome, light and clean motorcycle. From Darkside Apache Bodyline, traditional fork, rigid frame with thin tubes, the small tyres, the exhaust and the whole line... a mixture of cooper, brass and brown colors. I am fascinated by the details like the covers, the holder with the spring of the seat and and the fuel tank under the frame tube...

Montag, 12. Dezember 2011

1st Annual Silvester Wannabe Choppers Party

Forget your date for Silvester. Here is your new appointment at 31.12.2011 with Ricky deHaas from Wannabe-Choppers. He invites all friends, fans, buddies, good guys for the offical 1st Annual-Motorcycle-Whatever-Come-and-See-Jamboree-Meeting-Party-Workshop-Fest-Show or 1st AMWCASJMPWFS by Wannabe Choppers. It starts at 6pm, so here is the location and your personal routeplaner

Donnerstag, 1. Dezember 2011

Why neighbours could hate you?

Starting a Harley-Davidson 42 UL, a Big Twin Flathead lady. This vid describe the process to ignition from the opening of the gas to the kick. It's quite easy if you know the right procedere. Nice video by mcflathead.

See also our Flathead illustration for sale at the Burrito Bros. shop and catalog.