Dienstag, 23. August 2011

The Edersee Meeting 2011

Last weekend was the annual meeting of the german Bonsaicrew and other friends of the Honda Dax and Monkey. I arrived at Thursday the campground at the Edersee and it was like 3 holidays. Altough the weather changed from day to day and with hailstorm at the first night, it was a great meeting in a wonderful landscape. This year were more Honda CY, CB and XL than ever - and it was an experience to see how these little bikes could run above the hills. It was my 4th time at the Edersee and not my last. So we see us next year in August.

More from the Burrito Bros. Gallery

Visit Burrito Bros. Gallery of soul for more photos. Just click here! Photos by Thomas Beeskow.

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