Mittwoch, 27. Juli 2011

The Moped strikes back

When I became older (and older and older) my interest at small Mopeds had a second wind. Don't misunderstand me - I like the big ones, the Harleys of course, Guzzis and Triumphs, the old BMWs and japanese Two-Wheels, but a small Moped only driven by an engine with pistons a little bit bigger than an egg-holder... haha! You have only one chance to go forward, polish everything in your motor and increase your engine speed per minutes. 8 or 10Td? Ha! 12Td and more is the answer. So I was very excited to see the custom Honda build by Kiddo Motors from sunny Barcelona. Thanks Sergio for sharing this nice Honda MBX photos.

Custom Honda MBX 74cc by Kiddo

The Honda MBX had a Two-Stroke engine, was build from 1982 to 1990 and was very comfortable at this time. With 12 V, water-cooled, 6 gears and lots of aftermarket parts.

Kiddo Motors is located at Barcelona, Spain, and partner of Zero Engineering and other famous brands. Click here for their website...

So the Moped strikes back! And better than ever. It's cool. Everyone can drive a Moped and if you live in a city, hey, put your bike into the basement. You do not need a garage "expensive like an appartement"!

Be prepare for the 49er :-)

Montag, 18. Juli 2011

Choppertown Nation Meeting 2011

This time I drove only with the small Honda to Kaldenkirchen and the weather seemed to be more rainy, so I left my cam at home. Safe, but not clever! BUT... here are some photos of this nice meeting with awesome bikes and great peoples.

Honda CB50 by Burrito Bros. Customware
Photo stolen by Flakekings

Look here at
Kruizin Kowboyz
DieCo Photography

If I had forgotten someone, please give me a hint. Don't forget to visit the Choppertown-Meeting site and of course the Choppertown Nation itself.

Last but not least... a video!

Freitag, 15. Juli 2011

My Eat Dust Jeans

Today I gave myself a special late birthday gift. An Eat Dust Jeans which I have buyed at Madeira Drive in Düsseldorf. The Raw Denim is incredible, it feels like a second skin. Great stuff! I think I put it on again when I go to sleep...

Heute habe ich mir ein verspätetes Geburtstagsgeschenk gegönnt. Eine Eat Dust Jeans, die ich bei Madeira Drive in Düsseldorf gekauft habe. Diese Raw Denim ist unglaublich und sie fühlt sich an wie eine zweite Haut. Klasse Teil! Ich denke, ich ziehe sie wieder an wenn ich schlafen gehe...

Update! More Photos...

One day later... drove back 50 Kilometer by rain from Choppertown Meeting. Eat Dust is also Eat Rain - LOL... so washed in cold water.

You find lots of photos from the Choppertown Nation Meeting in Kaldenkirchen (Nettetal) around the Quartier Latin at the Kruizin Kowboyz Blog. Click here!

Dienstag, 12. Juli 2011

2. US Cars & Harley Meeting Meerbusch

So many Cadillac, Chevrolet, Ford, Chrysler, Dodge Cars (...and many others) were participant last weekend at the 2. US Cars and Harley Meeting of the V8-Freunde Meerbusch. Nice to see a matte black Cadillac 62 Cabrio, this little golden Handi-Van, a two-colored Edsel, the Ford, GMC and Dodge RAM Pick-ups, the El Camino and Ranchero and lots of Harley-Davidson especially the WLA and Model 26. A great party with beer, BBQ and music...

2. US Car und Harley Treffen der V8 Freunde Meerbusch

2. US Car und Harley Treffen der V8 Freunde Meerbusch

2. US Car und Harley Treffen der V8 Freunde Meerbusch

2. US Car und Harley Treffen der V8 Freunde Meerbusch

2. US Car und Harley Treffen der V8 Freunde Meerbusch

More Photos at the Burrito Bros. Photo Gallery. Photos by Thomas Beeskow

Freitag, 1. Juli 2011

Biker's Work is never done

Honda Dax Fahren, Spass haben, Schrauben, Fahren, Spass haben, Schrauben ... Biker's work is never done. Mehr will dieser Film nicht zeigen, er zeigt aber auch nicht weniger.

Honda Dax riding, have fun, working, riding, have fun, working... Biker's Work is never done. Nothing more shows this movie, but nothing less.

A movie by Thomas Beeskow and Frank Bick

If you prefer Vimeo, use this link Video

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