Freitag, 15. April 2011

Harley-Davidson for 1932

It was the great depression but Harley-Davidson announced 1932 the greatest motorcycle value ever offered with two new models, a newly designed 45 Twin and a brand new 21 Single. Harley-Davidson said these are so many improvements throughout the line but with the lowest prices since years! Take a look almost 80 years ago...

Harley-Davidson 74 cubic inches (1,210 ccm) VL
$320 at Factory

Harley-Davidson 45 cubic inches (737 ccm) flathead V-Twin
$295 at Factory

Harley-Davidson 30.50 cubic inches (500 ccm) OHV Single
$235 at Factory

Harley-Davidson 21 cubic inches (350 ccm) Flathead Single
$195 at Factory

and via The motArt

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