Mittwoch, 2. März 2011

Speedweek Bonneville

If you like to attempt landracing, the next grand finale of all land speed races is the Bonneville speedweek from 13 to 19 August 2011. Some Impressions from the last years at Bonneville - so Burrito, prepare your stuff and go.

Hot Kimura (see video)
Speed Week 2010

Red 4 yellow
Speed Week 2010

Blue sky saltlake
Speed Week 2010

Belt driven
Bonneville Speed Week 2009

Hot Rod
2008 Bonneville Speed Week - Day 1 of 4

Mensch oder Maschine?

At his superb photo series, Photographer Alexander Babic has placed more value on drivers than onto record cars and motorcycles. Take a look at his website for more impressions full of race experience.

This could be interesting

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