Dienstag, 22. Januar 2013

3-storey house

This 20ft Container becomes a great tiny house with 3 floors. Professor Han Slawik by University of Hannover, Germany, made this wooden version with the measure of a normal shipping container. Great idea in 6,058 m × 2,438 m × 2,591 m. Think it work with a normal steel container too, so turn it left and take your cutting torch...

Professor Han Slawik Container house

Montag, 7. Januar 2013

A visit at Wannabe's Heaven

When the street ended, left is a junkyard and right the railway, right there in the middle of nowhere in Giessen the best rookie builder is located - meet the deHaas from Wannabe Choppers. His bikes were named Schwarzer Johnny, Messed up or Flotter Otto - rough names for rough custombikes with lots of details, lots of parts full of humor or techniqual raffinesse.

Wannabe Choppers Giessen Custombike

Wannabe Choppers Honda Custombike

Wannabe Choppers Harley-Davidson Apehanger

Wannabe Choppers metal Ricky deHaas

Wannabe Choppers Maria Ricky deHaas

All photos by Thomas Beeskow. More photos at the Burrito Gallery. Visit the Wannabe Choppers Website