Mittwoch, 27. Juli 2011

The Moped strikes back

When I became older (and older and older) my interest at small Mopeds had a second wind. Don't misunderstand me - I like the big ones, the Harleys of course, Guzzis and Triumphs, the old BMWs and japanese Two-Wheels, but a small Moped only driven by an engine with pistons a little bit bigger than an egg-holder... haha! You have only one chance to go forward, polish everything in your motor and increase your engine speed per minutes. 8 or 10Td? Ha! 12Td and more is the answer. So I was very excited to see the custom Honda build by Kiddo Motors from sunny Barcelona. Thanks Sergio for sharing this nice Honda MBX photos.

Custom Honda MBX 74cc by Kiddo

The Honda MBX had a Two-Stroke engine, was build from 1982 to 1990 and was very comfortable at this time. With 12 V, water-cooled, 6 gears and lots of aftermarket parts.

Kiddo Motors is located at Barcelona, Spain, and partner of Zero Engineering and other famous brands. Click here for their website...

So the Moped strikes back! And better than ever. It's cool. Everyone can drive a Moped and if you live in a city, hey, put your bike into the basement. You do not need a garage "expensive like an appartement"!

Be prepare for the 49er :-)

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  1. 49er Rumble, Yeah. And it will need less gasoil, prepared for future.