Samstag, 28. Mai 2011

Dupli-Color Metalflake

Today's scene ist customising, at the "touch-o-ah" aerosol button with... Dupli-Color Custom Colors (Advertising 1972)

Some Inspiration Links

Just had time to surf a little bit around and found some real nice websites (...go west to the friends of Netherlands and France). So, take time and maybe you find some more goodies too. Please use the comment form...

My 1. Tip

Trent Reker well known and everytime a nice visit website for metric bobber, chopper and cafe racer parts:

My 2. Tip

Give a warm applause to the heart of Java, Indonesia - take a long, long, longer look to the work of

Honda GL100 Boardtracker Custom from Java, Indonesia

My 3. Tip

Here are the results of the french entry: Great site from Eric Mathieu - Beauty of Speed, dedicated to vintage Harley-Davidson, Indian and Crocker motorcycle speed & racing

My 4. Tip

One step over the border... Oliver, a young guy from the netherlands. Loving old vintage and homebuild motorcycles - that's sounds perfect. He build a JAWA chopper! Visit his blog at

Jawa Bobber

My 5. Tip

Last but not at least: Some rigid beauties like this Honda CB 360 Bobber by Zoomy Kustoms (K 4 Kick in the ass!)

Honda CB 360 Bobber

Ride the pony

Freitag, 27. Mai 2011

Little Honda Racer in progress

Honda CB50 Custom Bike

Still in work the Honda CB50. I had cut the seat for 3 cm to lower it and shorten the taillight. A new holder for the plate is not ready but it fits. Hope you are not tired to see this tiny bike...

Trio infernale: The Good The Bad

'001' by The Good The Bad, the lead single from the forthcoming album 'From 001 To 017'. Directed by Adam Olsson. Debut album 'From 001 To 017' released on Stray Cat Records on October 25th on iTunes. FREE MP3 Download of '001' available at

The Good The Bad is a danish band with 3 men. Psycho Guitar. Bumming Bass. BD-SN-Crash Drum. Cool stuff with no voice, because a singer has no space behind the drummer :)

TGIF. Relax.

Today is the day - Yo La Tengo via thebigmamaintrospection

Donnerstag, 26. Mai 2011

Forgotten Buik

Buick Hot Rod
Blue in the Red Booth, ursprünglich hochgeladen von Lost America

Troy Paiva, Lost America, use a special technique with longtime 1 minute exposure to shot his photos. A forgotten treasure in an old paint booth anywhere. Will this Buick ever finished?

Mittwoch, 25. Mai 2011

Trunk bike Motocompo

The Honda idea Motocompo is an ongoing principle based onto the Honda minibike Monkey and Dax concept. Be mobile whereever you are. Like a trunk you can take this bike into your car, and i.e. if you enter the city, put it out, turn the bars, open the gas, kick the engine and go.

The Honda Motocompo was build 1981 as Honda NCZ 50 in the colors red, yellow, white and black. It has a 2-stroke 49cc engine with 2,5 PS.

Samstag, 21. Mai 2011

Apache. But not Shadows.

Found this nice piece of guitar music via El Solitario MC.

Music video for the band Danger Beach on Dream Damage Records.
Their album Milky Way can be downloaded here.
Directed by Ned Wenlock. Character animation by Rodney Selby

...and this is Apache performed by the famous Shadows 1964

Montag, 16. Mai 2011

Honda CB Smalltown Racer

My little Big Monkey from Burrito Bros. on Vimeo.

Smalltown racer based onto a HONDA CB50 with 49cc, customized with vintage parts like old tanks, forks, seats etc. from different bikes - everything you find at your garage

More photos at the Burrito Bros. Gallery

Mittwoch, 4. Mai 2011

Early Summer Meetings

Bottrop Kustom Kulture
17./18. Juni 2011

Freitag 17. Juni

15:00 Grand Opening
Car Show, Bike Show by Two Wheels Terrors / Draggers C.C., Kustom Kulture Eytravaganza, Kustom Market, Cocktailbar, Live Music by the Junior Disorder and Dj Fuzzy Mike, haircut by world famous Hawleywood's plus plus plus
19:00 Two Wheel Terrors III World Premiere
20:00 Live Music with The Lifesaver, Bombus, U.S. Bombs, Old Style Best,... Open End

Samstag 18. Juni

12:00 Re-Opening
Car Show, Bike Show by Two Wheels Terrors / Draggers C.C., Kustom Kulture Eytravaganza, Kustom Market, Cocktailbar, Live Music by the Junior Disorder and Dj Fuzzy Mike, haircut by world famous Hawleywood's plus plus plus
15:00 Vintage 1/8 Mile Racing
Race for Hot Rods, Kustoms & Bikes up to 1965 - you must register your car before meeting!
19:00 Art Auction hosted by Fisters Car Club
20:00 Live Music with Highway 54, Ricky Rocket, Carl and the Rhythm Allstars,... Open End

Flugplatz Schwarze Heide, Bottrop Kirchhellen. More infos at

Choppertown Nation Meeting
16. Juli 2011

Choppertown Nation Meeting 2011

Der nächste Event direkt an der holländischen Grenze. Mit Live Performance Moonshine Gamblers. Adresse: Quartier Latin, Bahnhofstrasse 60, 41334 Nettetal - Kaldenkirchen. Infos, Program und Links für Übernachtungen sind hier zu finden.

Antwerp Vintage Reunion
16. Juli 2011

Annual Pre 75er Meeting for Customs, HotRods, Choppers, Air-Cooled VW and Oldtimers. With Art Show, Retro market and lots of vendors. Fort II, Fort2Straat, 2160 Wommelgem

More infos at Antwerp Vintage Reunion.

Montag, 2. Mai 2011

Ol' Man Biker

"Solange ich laufen kann, fahre ich auch mein Bike" scheint dieser ältere Biker zu denken. Nach den fetten Jahren nimmt die Zahl der neuen Fahrer weiter kontinuierlich ab, knapp 7% weniger Zulassungen in 2010 sprechen eine deutliche Sprache. Ein Grund sind sicher die hohen Kosten für den Führerschein. Dabei müsste es doch eigentlich politisch gewollt sein mehr Menschen mit einem Zweirad mobil zu machen, denn der Spritverbrauch oder Parkplatzraum sind ja deutlich geringer als bei einem vierrädigem KfZ. Aber anscheinend hat sich das noch nicht in den zuständigen Ministerien rumgesprochen? Quelle: Focus

Bild via Burrito Bros. Galerie