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The unkown family

German motor company DKW, established 194 in Chemnitz and 1906 moved to Zschopau, grew up in the first 40 years of the last century to the biggest motorcycle company of the world. The brandname DKW origin "DampfKraftWagen" was all over this years a pseudonym for marketing messages like "Das Kleine Wunder" or "Des Knaben Wunsch" and well known since 1921 for motorcycles and since 1927 for cars. In 1939 DKW built the model RT with 125cc Two-Stroke engine and typical rigid frame. This bike became the most built and copied german motorcycle until 1965 by different companies in east and west. Since WWII the DKW RT 125 became one of the most copied motorcycle example for companies like Harley-Davidson, BSA, Moskva or Yamaha.

Harley built their Hummer from 1948 until 1966, a real nice little bike, rigid and with a little Sportster tank. BSA had their Bantam from 1948 to 1953 and for Yamaha was the RT 125 1956 a blueprint model for their first motorcycle YA-1. MZ and IFA build their versions. And the new MZ tried it again few years ago with this famous name. Read more here (Deutsch)...

DKW RT 125 Ansichten

Great little Harley Hummer
Harley-Davidson Hummer with Two-Stroke engine

Harley Davidson Hummer

BSA build the Bantam
BSA B antam mit Jurisch Federung

More Ready for Rigid

This could be interesting

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